Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is becoming the fastest way for people to explore and understand data of any size. Where visual analytics was once thought to be in the domain of scientists and engineers, people now recognize that visual analysis accelerates business analytics. Technologies based on visual analytics have moved from research into widespread use in the last five years, driven by the increased power of analytical databases and computer hardware. The IT departments of leading companies are increasingly recognizing the need for a visual analytics standard. Visual analytics is more than just presenting data visually.

It is more than just looking for software that can produce cool visualizations. To distinguish good visual analytics tools from bad, it’s critical to focus on the several characteristics on each tools and how it suits your purpose. At NuStar technologies we help clients choose the right tools for their need and help them build their applications in time. Some of the Visual Analytics applications that we work with are:

- Tableau software
- Qlikview business discovery tools
- Microstrategy